Does It Need a Title? – David Lohrey

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective


Does It Need a Title? – David Lohrey

There is nothing sadder than an old elephant at the zoo.
All alone, the color of tarmac; a gigantic mouse behind bars.
She stands at the ready, to turn around and around. By the end
Of day, she’ll be fit for a shower and a long cry.
What’s an elephant to do, chained to the ground, with a 6-year child
The only one who understands her pain?

I say, throw a peanut at her head. Pick up a chunk of rock. Hop
On its back and stick its ear. That’ll teach it to dance. Shout, “Go!”
Hit it over and over again, the way you do your wife and kids. When
You’re through with the elephant, you can move on more important things,
Like burning churches and killing doctors. Take it out on them, too. Why
Stop with the dumb elephant and…

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