Designer Drugs-Nicole Lyons/The Lithium Chronicles

I knew the dealer

and we chuckled a few times,

he being street and me

being neater than the rest.

I knew them once too;

back when their mamas

fucked all the daddies

and I was too much

like my mother.

I knew them, the slink

and the oils of them

spread out for the gang

banging the doors

down after the nanny

cashed her cheque

and flew home to Mexico.

He took that ten-cent

off the dollar blow

and he cut it

with bleach that burned

the high class right

out of society,

and he funnelled it too;

into dollar store bags,

variety store bags, stamped

with pink lips and diamonds,

and he cranked that shit

up 499% and we laughed

and laughed and said a toast

to those designer bitches

as we slammed

drinks on their dimes

while they bled

from the eyes

in the center of the VIP

we were too street to enter.

We lived large

in the basement

and they paid

to push in the hallways,

and now I write poetry,

and they still hit

the best of the west,

sucking and chucking

the bucks for free.

Nicole Lyons is creator of The Lithium Chronicles, as well as being an editor and writer for Sudden Denouement. As always, we are honored by her presence.

43 thoughts on “Designer Drugs-Nicole Lyons/The Lithium Chronicles

  1. best prose i’ve read this year… shattering the mold, dragging me trembling over a concrete waterfall of hustle. impossible to read without vicariously experiencing your hot sordid journey. thanks for the read.

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  2. I’m so glad you are now writing poetry and with it, painting such intense pictures.

    Perhaps entirely on a side note, or maybe not, this remind me of a story. Far back in the day (the early 80s actually) a coworker told me about how she and a friend though they had found her BF’s stash of blow and decided to party. Alas, it wasn’t the stuff, but the baby laxative he used to cut it. Oops!

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