March Madness Top Ten: Ligeia, under dimmed lights/Oloriel

Cracked like the skyline

at 18:11

countless men mine me for coal;

I suck the midday Moon

like a good symbiot,

like a pretty harlot of war,

I search myself at the garage sale,

I hollow me out,

unlatch the hands like instruments,

lick and spit,

soft, but I am dust –

disassembled to a murder of crows.

This blood builds altars between teeth,

this ocean is godless,

I am

77 silver coins shoved in the socket,

the worthlessness of thoraxes

is speaking tongues –

translated it means I who no longer know dawn.

I, eyeing this river, a carnival, alone.

I, no longer knowing the sparrows

for their marrow of strawberries,

I, stuffing the pillow with hares,

my ventricle for Doctor Death,

My mouth for the athame,

for you, lover, among decapitated carnations,

for you lover, your silences like noose

around the neck of promiscuous Miss mercy.

Now, sugar coma, the mistress

lap dancing, calling for harvest with her

young hips, Night’s offerings,

burrowing into the dream;

my tongue withdrawn to wash its harpies,

my soul a poker game of ghosts –

we are

counting the dead like lilac, lavender,

marigold, primrose, irises;

you are the softest when you count my scars

like raided tombs,

rid of furniture and amulets,

a courtyard full of chimes

under Ibuprofen skies;

the cruelest when you don’t do good your lies,

the mortician won’t sway.

And you, how are you called?

Dead daffodils, plucked,

their corpses littering

the surface of the Styx.

You are called love,

madness, aria, flame.

Spawned from the womb of Spring,

Red like heart; red like gallows.

I stay, but shut my eyes.

Out there, an arid land

where nothing grew

when Persephone failed

to make her return,

the clouds were churning

in pomegranate hues

(eat now or forever speak your rue)

and pillars pierce the veils

like bones in bloom

(shotgun and kettle),

the sparrows were shrieking,

sharpening their claws,

my blue was leaking,

wonder does it show?

A murmur breaks out,

it screams and it plows

their ancient bodies,

a malady of songs,

swaying back and forth,

a gentle disease

(can you hear it?)

of their breasts, rising up and down

(I will die smiling, like a clown)

I, a shiver, I, nobody, before

the countless white dresses

of priestesses in rows

fingering their open wounds

and chanting

“Never doubt the gifts of Aphrodite”

“Never doubt the gifts of Aphrodite”

“Never doubt the gifts of Aphrodite”

Oloriel is a poet and artist hailing from Belgrade, Serbia. She loves dreaming up things then making them happen, whilst also being a wife, mom, artist, photographer, translator and designer. Her greatest wish is to one day become a chef, and make the best pies in the world.  She blogs at color me in cyanide and cherry

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