Appearing In The Mist, Insatiable

Ward Clever

You knew that metaphors were direct, but you asked me why I never used similes. I said that similes were like diet metaphors. They just didn’t taste as good. You laughed.

That walk to the woods was magical, in the mist. You kept disappearing and reappearing in a place I didn’t expect. Once you were gone for a little too long, and I didn’t want to call out because it was very late, so late it was early. I finally found you by a cat and her new kittens. I didn’t blame you for not calling me over. I loved you more, then.

Whatever we were on had no signs of wearing off, so we went deep into the woods, down the giant staircase to the stream. You nearly fell, but I caught you. I would always catch you. We walked to the spring and laid down across the rocks…

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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