Congratulations to Brave and Reckless’ Christine Ray

We are pleased to announce that Christine Ray’s blog, Brave and Reckless, has been chosen to be part of WordPress Discover. For those who are not aware, WordPress Discover is a selection of the best blogs on WordPress. It is a tremendous honor and well-deserved. The opportunity opens Christine’s wonderful writing to a whole new audience, soon others will be aware of what we have known all along: Christine is one of the most inspirational writers on WordPress. We are honored by her leadership and her friendship. The moment that I first encountered her powerful, poetic voice, I knew I was beholden to something special. We are elated that her voice will soon be heard by many more people. On behalf of Olde Punk, Samantha Lucero, SRP, Nicole Lyons, Georgia Park, and the rest of Sudden Denouement , we would like to congratulate Christine. I would like to say that Christine has touched my life, like she has touched the lives of so many. Destiny has cold hands, but sometimes the universe gets things right. In this case,  the planets lined up exactly as they should have. For those who are not familiar with her work, please take a minute to discover the wonderful mind of Christine Ray, our friend and our leader. We love you Christine.



Jasper Kerkau, Founder Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

38 thoughts on “Congratulations to Brave and Reckless’ Christine Ray

  1. This is wonderful news, Christine! Congratulations and so well deserved! You are everything Jasper says and more. You have been so caring and so inspirational to me the past few months… and so prolific!


  2. WOW!!!!!!! Christine!! Go Ahead wit ur Bad Self!!! I came to wordpress 4 months ago and discovered an amazing writer that I began to follow.” braveandreckless”…. and I love leaving comments on her posts…. I have been away for a month but to come back on and see that Christine has been chosen for Word Press Discover! WOW! much deserved. This has brought a smile on my face all the way over here in Italy!!!
    Kudos & Congratulations!!

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