I am a F*cking Writer!-Jasper Kerkau/The Writings of Jasper Kerkau

Sometimes I forget. Jasper Kerkau.

Sudden Denouement Collective


I am a writer!

I sit on the left-hand of the gods and have a special dispensation to decode the secret, universal rhythms, find patterns in the whispers which are inaudible to profane ears. My role is that of an observer; a quiet, meditative force who has a holy charge to record the divine misery, the blind mysteries, the eek-and-turn everyday struggle of life, seen through the eyes of one who has divested himself of all worldly goods.

Who are you?

I am a fucking writer! I am convicted, given over to the great purpose of wresting the truth away from the earth, buried under layers of silt and sediment, caught up in the swirl of the waters that lean to the great gravitational forces as the world mercilessly spins in the great unknown. The curse is the burden, the pulling back the veil, looking into the languid eyes affixed…

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2 thoughts on “I am a F*cking Writer!-Jasper Kerkau/The Writings of Jasper Kerkau

  1. Jasper Kerkau- we never forget that you have an amazing writer’s voice that cuts through the fog and pierces us. If you need reminders we are happy to hold the mirror up for you and remind you that not only are you a kick-ass mentor and tireless supporter of other writers, you move us with your writing. ❤ Christine


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