un/named-OldePunk/RamJet Poetry

RamJet Poetry


enable the push

slipstream malcontent

we feed you too often

do you hurt

i mean the bones scraping, twitching, fiery plasma burn across bleeding eyes that scream take me out, the ugly beaten bruised hurt that saps vitality like a teenager downing a Big Gulp, the rearranged cut brain shaving off my insides full of ants and spiders eating me from the inside out pain?

then speak not to me of pain

we would despise you if not for act of futility

lets’s see what you got

pretend to be something you are not

enchantments you cast drooping slipping one

i see you

i know you

How I long for the antithesis of you

my rainbow is black and my sun turns gray

how I do so miss the shadows of yesterday

skull crusher of anathema

shattered lover of crooked cross

when next we meet, I will introduce you


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