Six Word Story Competition-Skinny and Single

Dear friend of the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective, Skinny and Single, is hosting a Six Word Story Competition and is hoping that that our readers will come out to play! We encourage you to check out the details and consider participating.

Skinny and Single

Six Word Story CompetitionRecently I opened an Instagram account, mainly to show my poetry, six and ten word stories. Meh, some of them did well, some of them suck nuts. A friend of mine took notice and started submitting six word stories for my review.

We went bonkers with them.

We are now in a cut-throat competition to the death.

He writes a six word story, I post on Instagram with one of mine and watch the sparks fly.

I lose. Every. Single. Time.

My stories gain half the interest as this asshole’s do. Half. HALF.

Game on, bitch. This has been one of the most satisfying things I’ve done. I was looking for writing exercises and this fits the bill perfectly.

I invite you to play with us, post your six word stories on Instagram and Twitter. Use the hashtag #sixwordcompetition and tag my accounts so that I can follow the…

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