Volga-Howl Davies/The Sounds Inside

The Sounds Inside

The last few days
of joyous occasion
but I am content
to spend it
on the edge of
the riverbank,
feet inches
from the cellophane
on the water’s lips.
I can hear the processed
guitars on a processed
track coming
from the house,
accompanied by
pitch deaf vocals,
the homeless choir,
the hopeless notes,
I wonder who wrote them.
Two of my discarded
cigarettes float on the
like the Argos,
reliant on me
to not disturb the water.

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

15 thoughts on “Volga-Howl Davies/The Sounds Inside”

      1. Glad I can share that view of things with you, I do agree. The less sane the more I relate some days! You are welcome dear Howl (I like saying that) you deserve it, your poem was absolutely genius and I NEVER think that of people’s work but you did such a terrific job


      2. Aha, I rarely get called a dear, but it’s a nice touch. And that is the reason I love American poetry; you get the sense that most of the writers should have been deemed insane, and the ones that actually were, well, it just gave them that little advantageous edge.

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      3. ha ha ha ha! I guess coming from Europe I hadn’t thought of American poetry that way, I must read it with that in mind, to figure out if that’s true, I can see where you might think that though! It’s all good, we need some electricity in our blood.


      4. Out of curiosity, where in Europe? I know the British system tends to avoid American poetry, I didn’t come into proper contact with it until university.
        Well it’s merely my imaginative belief thinking of poetry in that way, but it’s fun to let it unfurl. If Solomon and Ginsberg never met in a psychiatric institution, contemporary American poetry could have been very different. (I’ll stop before I start to ramble. Whenever I get on to the beat movement I tend to go way off track)

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      5. I saw a great Beats collection the other day, damn me for not buying it, only 50 cents … idiotic. Are you English? I lived in England for years after my dad and i moved from France. I’ve been in the States for 14 yrs now but I have a British accent still, or so I’m told, and that’s after trying really hard to sound like Gonzo. America has more modern nutter poets I reckon but UK has a good number of yee olde ones who were pretty nuts. I’d like to read a collection of psychiatric patient’s poetry. I only read Anne Sexton a few years ago so I know what you mean. I lived in London (South) where abouts are you?

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      6. I always find myself buying every odd poetry collection I come across, because I know there’ll be one I pass up one day and I’ll regret it. My conscience thanks me for it, but my wallet doesn’t. London, France and America, that sounds like the best of all worlds. I’m Welsh (which a lot of people seem to think is England but we are totally different!) but I’ve been living in London a few years now (Southeast, fairly close to Greenwich), but hoping to move over to America at some point in my life, it’s always been my fantasy.

        British poets certainly have a lot of variety, but since I decided that I am bored with Victorian poets and writers (I still stand by my hatred of Dickens) it doesn’t leave as much variety. I actually recommended Sexton to one of the other writers on SD, I love her work, and I think she has a tone and style that fits so well with some of the writers here.

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      7. Now I see why I like you. You are Welsh. I LOVE WELSH PEOPLE. I used to go to llynnybyder (sp) and Cardigan and Dyfed and Lampeter quite a bit, I have a ‘thing’ about Wales and the Welsh. I think they are Arthurs lost tribe to be sure. Now I see why you resonate so deeply with me. I know Greenwich also. I’m no fan of London anymore, though I used to love it (and still do compared to Paris which I hate) but London has changed, the ‘common man’ cannot afford to live there anymore. That’s wrong. Where in America would you live if you could? (I could help you move, I know all about that, if interested I’d be happy to help you candicelouisa@rocketmail.com for real) I don’t like Emily Dickenson so I understand the dislike of ‘famous’ poets and how it doesn’t always work for you, which is just being honest. I love Sexton too she’s incredibly real. I’m glad to ‘know’ you here, I hope you’ll email me so we can start making our papier mache boat for your sail to these shores. xo (where in Wales?)


      8. Were you going for anwylyd? (Don’t worry, the spelling, pronunciation, grammar and everything else about the Welsh language makes no sense!) I don’t speak it completely fluently, but enough to get by and shout various slurs during the six nations.

        Ah it sounds like you know south Wales very well in that case. That’s actually really refreshing to hear. Usually the consensus is to view Wales as ‘England’s Canada’, but we are so much more than that! (Sorry Canada). I’m from north Wales originally, St Asaph, and then moved more mid to Machynlleth, and a little bit of time in Aberdyfi before selling out and moving to England. After a few years in London I feel little love for the place any more, so I can completely see where you’re coming from. Any little wave of creative authenticity is just driven out by gentrification, and it becomes impossible to live in.

        Oh that’s incredibly nice of you to offer advice on all that. I have a few places in mind that I feel would give promise with my degree, but honestly it’s such a daunting thought due to my complete lack of knowledge, so I’ll be sure to get into contact about all that. Once it feels less daunting, we can get started on the papier mache.

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