Intervention-Georgia Park/Private Bad Thoughts

“Georgia, you are a wonderful person
and a loyal, supportive friend
but you have the worst taste in men.
Honestly, i think you should just
stop dating.”

“But my new year’s resolution-”

“Yeah, you need a new one. Here’s
an example of an acceptable goal:
To become a poet.
and unacceptable:
To fall in love again.
do you see the difference?
This is 3 months now,
you’ve been suffering
and I honestly think it’s just
because you’re goal oriented
but you can’t control
his douche-bagginess
and we don’t want you
to see him again.
Here, read us
some of the drunk texts
you’ve sent.”

“‘…wherez ur feeeelings1…’
‘…god will smite uou!1…’
‘…i am a HUMA PERSONNN…’
Ahem. Yeah, ok. i can see
what you’re saying.
But I still don’t think-”

[Georgia Park is creator of Private Bad Thoughts, curator of Whisper and the Roar a feminist literary collective, and a writer for Sudden Denouement. She is a wonderful poet with an enormous heart. We can’t imagine this journey without her. Please check out more of her wonderful work.]

12 thoughts on “Intervention-Georgia Park/Private Bad Thoughts

  1. A very refreshing and cleverly written piece. ‘god will smite uou’ – I genuinely cannot read that without laughing. I hope that sticks around in my subconscious and comes out in a drunk text at some point.

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  2. I have read a hundred Georgia Park poems and still eagerly anticipate the next one. No one writes like Georgia. I love an appreciate your wit and originality. “Parkian” is a style of poetry you have created. One day I will write a “Parkian” poem as an homage.

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