Akimbo-OldePunk/RamJet Poetry

RamJet Poetry


In part, impart

we departed toward

unknown parts

unbeknownst to most

disillusioned, disenchanted

disappointed with the loneliness

we want more

the love we lost

somewhere along the way

the lost we loved

nowhere to be found


it is soothing to believe

it is out there

19 drops off the ledge

and I still haven’t

fallen far enough

soul akimbo and awkward

with an alabaster sheen

and guts in between

a misbegotten toy

my love is longing

I long for love

like yours

to feel joy

I could be your real boy

I would sing and

I would dance

I would do anything

for another chance

I am disappointed with

my loneliness and akimbo

a broken stance

the love we lost

the lost we loved

twixt us two

for me and you

I do, do I

soul akimbo and shaking

close to breaking

love you

soul akimbo and awkward


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