the vicar’s daughter-lois e. linkens

expectations burn red
in the eyes of the church-goers.
watching like lions,
deadly still among the grass.
guns loaded, long ago.
powdered ladies
and gnarled gentlemen
fancy themselves prophetic,
drawing divinities
over tea and cake,
the stink of wine fresh
on papery lips.

scarlet fingers grasp her,
like an old friend.
all the world’s watchmen
see not what lies
beneath the curls and crucifixes,
lashes and lipstick.

eyes closed in reverence.

blind to his crimson clasp.

wispy pages flutter as putrid drops leak

onto clean, white sheets.


[Lois describes herself as a “confused english student,” though one quickly finds a polished, charming poet in her work. She has an elegant style that compliments her keen insight and whimsical sensibilities. It is a pleasure to present her work, and we ask you to take a second to look at more of her wonderful work.]


Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

7 thoughts on “the vicar’s daughter-lois e. linkens”

  1. There are sooo many things I want to read into this – well like three, exactly. But i can’t tell if my reading is tainted by my own perversity, or if the poem has very cleverly guided me this way. I have a suspicion it’s the latter. Which is why I’m blown away by this.

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