Minutes, Pt.2

Olde Punk/RamJet Poetry

RamJet Poetry



Keep with the forced faith

read your instructions

strike in hatred for it will cleanse

or destroy us delicately

no one can feel the indolent passage

of too much time, osmosis of the dangers

fear spawned fool in mud-field

given implements of demise

the sounds of atonement have no purpose

increase your production by sleeping with the lepers

he pained to hear her name

driving through shell shock

the endless weave a scrambled stream of thread

leading to nowhere

I must speak, whom will live

not caring for the inbred dogs, so much

cattle in chains, debase your ignorance

You show me how to breathe

flay the carcass, sweet lassitudes

loiter near the temples to glimpse the divine

twisting lapses of unconsciousness

wine spilled on sap

a cut across the eye, drinking from lead rivers

an evening star, cross is broken

a gay man looks across the street


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