new coat-Lois E. Linkens

Lois E. Linkens

lois e. linkens


she saved up her money,
week by week.
in dreams she gazed upon it,
felt its velvet softness
press her cheek.
she counted her coins
at bed time –
look, mummy!
all mine.

pockets heavy with greasy pennies,
oily from her excited hands,
she pointed.
that one – up there.
she’s been saving up,
says her mother.
ah, smiles the lady –
that’ll keep you warm.
nothing will get to you,
in that one!

now it hangs,
threadbare in a cold cupboard.
pockets still stuffed
with powdery tissues,
buttons and beads.

but she has grown up,
grown out of it,
and the world
got to her.

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

One thought on “new coat-Lois E. Linkens”

  1. Heavy sigh. The world gets to all of us but we can’t let it know that. We have to growl and ask it if that’s all it’s got. We have to be stronger than it is, or it wins. Death isn’t winning. Not if we fight to the end.


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