Like Bonnie and Clyde-S.K. Nicholas/A Journal for Damned Lovers

S.K. Nicholas/A Journal for Damned Lovers

S. K. Nicholas


Suffragette City full of glue sniffers and cheerleaders that dance on pavillions overlooking crowds of addicts and clones and clones and addicts and those women you get who claim to be vulnerable but are really black widows. Pouting and doe-eyed they mesmerise and pull you in and kiss your lips and fill you with wonder but you know they’ll suck you dry and the worst part is you let them do it because you like it that way. They feed you cream cakes and dish out handjobs like sweets and with every blissful kiss they get you right where they want, and even though it hurts later on, right now it’s a pretty sight. So yeah, cream cakes full of jam that dribbles from your mouth that they lick away with their wicked tongues while rubbing your head and pushing you deep into their bosom. They’re full of yeahs, and they’re…

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