Amadeus-Howl Davies/The Sounds Inside

Howl Davies-The Sounds Inside

The Sounds Inside

I’m in awe, Amadeus, the way your homespun song Twists and dances through the cracks in your skin. Thinking of linking two separate minds That drifted apart in the cataclysm. The child who stutters, coughs, and sputters out The tongue that grew since birth- He is the bravest of the pack. He speaks only whispers, riddles that fall on the ear Crisper than any melody. His symphony of longing, the revelry of a time-lost oasis, Falling through the earth to the perch on the heavens; they wept For the child, but he smiled regardless. And look how he grew, Amadeus, Look how his unspoken grace captivates the entire room of strangers; The liars and the thieves deceived by their own imaginative belief. And three women of the cloth wait by the doors Addressing the murderers, the whores, one by one In the grace of their God. For they all came…

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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