Restless Spirit-Max Meunier/Dissociative Void

The beauty of your restless spirit

holds the earth in solar orbit


splits to form the stolen nights


and springs forth life

from whence t’was naught


your myriad facets

captivate the elements

like a sentimental songbird

waxing kindred memories


before I spied the sunburst sonnets

amaranthine thorns did wreathe

this wretched well to wasted waters

lost to winter’s muted bane


such profundity


to tortured hearts in exile

toiled between the layers of your

cryptic thought’s sublimity


the spoils of balancing eluded

like a polar night gone mad

had not the ward

of words familiar

banish their infernal reign


and so it is

I scrawl with haste

that which my vested voice obscures


forestalling only trepidation

‘neath sprawling

skies of tears ensconced

[Max is the mad wordsmith at the Dissociative void.]

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