Max or Not

massive ball of chained steel
poised to impose its will upon me
perched beyond the nexus shadow
aimed to strike my solar plexus

on the drop of a doorstop dime
triggered by a thoughtless notion
it drops
piercing the air like a sonic flare
barreling down the arced pathway
faster than my thought can bear to answer its undoing

and in one searing soul-crush instant
it collides with my feeble world
shattering all preconceptions
every trenchant dissociation
dispersed into a worthless pile
of infantile abandon

til all that’s left behind
is the broken child
hiding from the hideous truth
writhing in a fetal coil of feces

the blunder was to not abort
now torn asunder
plunderous distortion

but none should be so fortunate
as fervid fiends must fuck fuck fuck

fuck without a second thought
fuck until the seed is shed
what breathes alone crawls from the bed

forethought flippantly…

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Author: oldepunk

Writing about my views of the world in a stream of conscience style

3 thoughts on “Fucked”

  1. Question. What does that swear word, that you used for the title of this blog, mean? Note: I do not sware or use the Lord’s name in vain. So please go eay on me, and becuase I do not really trust the enternet.

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