Ward Clever

I try to write this with my mind’s eye closed
I try to refer to myself in the fourth wall breaking way
I awkwardly phrasing a poem line inside to make profundity
But you fucked up

Skies winter skies
Have nothing to do with inner lies
Nothing to do with inner thighs
Beginner butterflies
Pretender sympathize
Life ender
Get centered from both sides
Align with stars in clear skies
Nightlife alights with fireflies
Lighting lives

What do you do
In case of broken glass?
When power is getting low
You can’t always charge
What do you do
If love was real
It wouldn’t disappear
Like the cloud of scents
Sprayed and walked through
Leaving something behind
Until it faded

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Author: oldepunk

Writing about my views of the world in a stream of conscience style

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