Stake-Malicia’s Malebolge

Stunningly visceral poetry from Malicia’s Malebolge

Murder Tramp Birthday


I think I slipped again
I am too weak to hold it in place
Slipping between the bones in my rib cage
I’ve had trouble breathing
Focusing on daily tasks is difficult when your fingers
always find their way down to the pointed end
making sure it’s kept still
touch it, tickle it
I dare you
make my dopamine levels run high
come on,
make me scream because
life is so fucking fun

Ain’t it fucking pretty?

like it when it hurts
like it when I feel just how alive I am
4 am in the morning and on all fours
the bathroom tiles
leaving quadratic imprints on my elbows
and I cry to the dead-eyed shower head
that someone touched me again
or maybe it was just me
having a brief moment of euphoria
turning too quickly
now it sits all wrong and I pull at the wooden…

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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