Critical Distance-Howl Davies

Howl Davies defines the critical distance

The Sounds Inside

You’re insisting that this right here
is the critical distance,
the perfect place to reside.
The absolute zero on a
canvas of reactions,
‘This is peace’
you’re repeating
over and over
again and again.
This is tranquil.
This is tedium.
I always told you that security
is our greatest enemy.
It prepares us for somewhere
we’ve already been
with somebody else.
You’re happy here,
but who needs happiness?
I want to cast it all,
strip at the stone and pull at the flesh
that lies beneath it.
In here we come to life,
and I cannot wait
for birth,
for the first time I can stare at those spotlights
without being blinded.
Leave me stranded in security
and show me a candle dim in the distance
That’s the life I want for me.
Nothing is ever easy,
I have told you time and time again,
but we get there,

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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