Pillow Thought

Gorgeous writing from Nicholas Osborne of The Dirty Limerick

The Dirty Limerick

a moment— I had one the walls of present- future-past melted into the aging skin that drapes my skull the thing I thought oblivion became the everlasting and all was moisture and body-heat— love, compressed into temperature the discordant many-voice these ears have known, familiar-drifted like dinghies in a passing mist— rudderless creations, forever bobbing strained through a lead crystal colander, dripping out the holes, emerging as streams of light-catching prisms, projecting in full-spectrum color life seemed a speck as I fell into a white space, without dimension engulfed in dust-devil energy ribbons—kinesis five senses, my departing lovers smiling, hand-combing tousled hair under the discovery of dawn, and I hear the thump of their feet down the stairs and the courteous shutting of the                                   front door they are callers with tangled string—each afloat…

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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