One Long Glance pt. 1

The madness and chaos of the world brilliantly captured by Olde Punk.

RamJet Poetry


Guard well your blasphemies

Sanskrit tablet redwood sin

miracles of pain force reckoning

entry not permitted

one minute year’s provocation

startling exclusion

the epitome of your fears

the hands are a fearsome weapon


power clues the source of

megalopolis toppled by disrepair

morphine visions open streams

opal colored stone cold

as her touch

what are we saying to

each other?

the center of everything

a power rising

all gather to the strength

not caring whether or not

it can hold

weak bastards, aren’t we?

the black boots stitched with malevolence

thirsting for blood

whatever vessel it comes in

Become vengeance in heartbeats

foolish gods offspring

a product of both worlds

climb the ladder to heaven

if you dare

lose your mind in the feat(de)

you age 1000 years in the instant

a child is taken

in liquid sleep a dream shifted

into the dawn of yesterday

chaotic morbid dance…

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