Aleppo – Rana Kelly


Aleppo – Rana Kelly

The world is a small place
A dark place
With bits of wax alight
Scattered through the winds
Time is circles
And this Christmas is warm
In Aleppo.
When dust
Meets blood
It cakes.
No tears.
Just open eyed children
Watching the world burn
All around them
From the fire pits.

Aleppo – Rana Kelly

[Rana Kelly was born and raised in the Deep South, and now resides in the Southwest.  Her poetry, personal essays, short fiction, and photography has been published in anthologies and literary magazines far and wide over the years, from Caesura to featherproof press, FM to Ceremony Collected. Her first novel, Until Her Darkness Goes, was published in 2015. She’s currently writing her second novel under a pseudonym.]

I Have to Turn My Head

Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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