Don’t Over Text Me-Georgia Park

“I’m commitment phobic and I actually like you. I want to text you all the time and eat you out for hours and cook you dinner.”

“Please do not over text me, I’m too busy.”

“I’m gonna do it right now.”

“That’s silly. I’m standing right here, and I refuse to respond.”

My phone vibrates, and I don’t touch it. He smiles at me. It’s very awkward. I have a giggle inside me that I’m hiding, for good reasons.

I look at him sternly, exhausted.

[Georgia Park is creator of Private Bad Thoughts, curator of Whisper and the Roar a feminist literary collective, and a writer for Sudden Denouement. She is a wonderful poet with an enormous heart. We can’t imagine this journey without her. Please check out more of her wonderful work.]

Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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