A Furious Ascension-Nicole Lyons


She watched stiff-backed

girls in snow-white paper

dresses flying,

their speckled kites

low to the ground,

and she called

for the great gusts

of angry winds

to blow in and catch

the corners

of those dresses

and their kites,

and take them

all, tangled together

into stormy places

behind her eyes.

Sweep them

into deep places

where held breath burns

against walls of lungs

before sighing

into ecstasy.

Leave them

in dark places

where terrified screams burn

the backs of throats,

and rip pain

into pleasure.

Bury them

among stark bones

that found their lustre

in the depths

of her own mind.

Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

27 thoughts on “A Furious Ascension-Nicole Lyons”

      1. Of course. I enjoy your pieces here on LC/SD very much. FB is a bit overwhelming for me but I try to check in once in a while there. However, your FB feed led me to this wonderful group. I am a happy moth (fan).

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  1. Glorious Nikki Lyons! Just glorious. I can’t speak for Olde Punk but one of the best parts of my new gig is getting a sneak peak of all this amazing writing. I feel like I am probably as nervous and excited about the new posts going up as the writers are. I want the readers to love this work as much as I do. Thank you for sharing your brilliance with us.

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