A Charlie Brown Christmas- David Lohrey


Could there be anything worse?

Linus plays well but it’s too slow.

The air, thick with smoke, stinks.

Nostalgia is philosophy without hope.


Christmas with cartoon characters

Is like a funeral with mannequins.

Looking back isn’t anything more

Than an admission of guilt.


Mos Def would know what to do.

If you add motherfucker to every hallelujah

The patrons cheer up. We miss the past

Because we’re not good enough, not for yesterday,

Never mind last week.


We’re like high school drop-outs

Returning for graduation, there to

Watch our friends take a giant step.

We’re a nation on the sidelines,

Gentiles at a bar mitzvah.


We haven’t done our homework;

We never study. We’re going through the motions,

Attending class but not arriving prepared.

We left our books in the locker. Sorry.


The losers have been getting prizes.

The experiment is over. Limos

At 6th grade graduation count for nothing.

The hundred dollar bill divided by one thousand

Doesn’t cut it.


Some are convinced we’re on a winning streak,

But we missed the start. Now we’re talking

With our lawyers about a second chance.

But the winner’s already been declared. We lost.


[David Lohrey was born on the Hudson River but grew up on the Mississippi in Memphis. He currently teaches in Tokyo. He has reviewed books for The Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register, has been a member of the Dramatists Guild in New York, and is currently writing a memoir of his years living on the Persian Gulf.]



Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

9 thoughts on “A Charlie Brown Christmas- David Lohrey”

  1. So the poem started off thinking about Charlie Brown, and nostalgia. But then, in a transition too smooth to notice the change, began thinking about culture, geopolitics and the US’s declining posture. What an unexpected, excellent brain-twist.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know what happened. I clicked too fast and then it said “reported as spam” which is actually not true and now I cannot even redo this action. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate that you liked it and more will follow soon. I am going to check out your page later, too. Just need to find a calm moment. Have a nice day! 🙂


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