A letter to someone’s saviour by Oldepunk


Hey you.  Allah

I feel nothing anymore

If I do, I can’t tell

is it supposed to be this way?

Hey you.  God, why am I

screaming at the fact that you’re aware of my failure which I see sitting demure at a table sipping espresso as the aftermath of the encounter thickens the air and afterwards no one knows what to say and I want to sneer at our confusion but find I can only shout fears in tongues at the matador in front of the corner store

can you spare a holy smoke?

You know the man who said he knew you tried to teach us

he liked to play with the little boys in the parks after dark

my parents decided that he probably didn’t know you but must have had some good lawyers cause he packed up his show and moved on to the next town

anticipating sundown.

I need a cleansing

I wrote this for you.


I thought I left ’em all behind

those friends I never knew

and the women I never loved

the things I’ve never done

and the truths I’ve never spoken

those tears should have dried

those emotions should have died


I should have left when I had the chance

and now I am alone and stoned and cold

no longer so bold, I wish I would have walked away

from those lies I’ve never told

pain I never endured

People I’ve never needed

friends I never saw die

the escape route always eluded me

draining my will to try

Do you offer a resurrection

for those of us who got it wrong

will you truly offer me a chance to start again

or was it bullshit all along.

if it’s really a redemption song

then maybe I too could sing

and see what  your new tomorrow

may bring

maybe, If I can be strong

it has got to better than this

Warmest Regards,

I was Wrong

(This piece of writing was written by a young man striving to find his way at a very dark episode of his life.  It is in no way meant to offend anyone.  I stand for freedom for the entire human race in every culture, creed and religion.  I will not apologize however, for my words, for at the time, they were my truth.  This poem does not in any way reflect the views and opinions of the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.)


28 thoughts on “A letter to someone’s saviour by Oldepunk

  1. Incredible piece, if for nothing else that is my personal liking and verses that resonate with me, for the fact that it is not just honest but real. I am tired of reading “perfect believers”. Faith, just like everything else, takes immense effort, takes hope, takes heart, mind, soul and it destroys it all, in most cases. I appreciate the , dare I say, originality of this piece.

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  2. I love this, from the contents to the pure aesthetic appearance (I love how you arranged the paragraphs.) No one should have to apologize for expressing themselves in such a beautiful manner as this. While I do not know what you were going trough I can feel the emotions dripping from each sentence… bitterness, pain, a sense of disappointment. Personally, I have felt more free and happy with myself since I ended my relationship with religion. But that’s just from my point of view. Everyone’s gotta find their own way to exist.

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  3. I’ve felt this way as well… gave up and don’t care. This truly resonates with my “walk.” My religion now is mindfulness, thoughtfulness, awareness – I worship with artists, i commube with the true gods. Thank you for this.

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