darkness there, & nothing more – Samantha Lucero

darkness there, & nothing more – samantha lucero

he tells me i should stop
too many “big” words
“too complex for me.
i need cliff notes
like for shakespeare,
so pretty, but i have no idea what’s
going on.” tell me what happened.
be more like edgar allan poe,
he was  s i m p l e  & spooky
& that’s straightforward, you know what’s going on.
have you ever read anything besides ‘the raven’?
apparently not
even the magician i dated said
“you think too much.”
but then again, he also said he loved me
and then never called me back
after i fucked him like faye reagan
and thought maybe, just maybe
someone liked that i thought too much.
thanks for breaking my heart; i’m better now.
so here’s me writing something simple,
nothing fancy
one simple thought
drop by





while you tell me i shouldn’t write
my mind at war
war is complex
war is a nightmare, doesn’t make sense
my words are remnants of me in the rubble
& you read the ruins like graffiti on a wall
like a code i’m trying to understand myself
i guess this is the end?

[ Disclaimer: Sam didn’t want to post this. She’s speaking in 3rd person right now, because this is Sam. This was experimental & not her usual style, but two lovely people encouraged her to post it anyway. She’s the ghost-woman behind the curtain at sixredseeds.]

Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

32 thoughts on “darkness there, & nothing more – Samantha Lucero”

  1. There seems no end of great writers here and I can bask in the sun of these gods, they have great taste. I enjoyed this style too and you deserve the accolades. I’ve felt pain in this way.

    “and thought maybe, just maybe
    someone liked that i thought too much”

    I recently commented about words people say to you in a relationship and what they say in the moment to either capture you or keep you (or even if they feel fucking sorry for you). You never forget those poetic, lovely words as though they are the only thing holding you together. Anyway, the thing that sometimes draws them to you also ultimately keeps them from you, sadly. You need to write more of this cause I’m feelin it!

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    1. I’ve definitely been encouraged to use this style more often. I had no idea so many people would be touched by it. It makes me feel less alone, that’s for sure. A lot of people were able to relate.

      I also understand precisely what you mean. I have my favorite lines from past relations that I keep colliding with each other in my mind on occasion.

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  2. This is so lovely. Thanks for posting it. This reminds me of one guy’s final words to me after our relationship ended: “And you’re a pretty ok writer.”
    I’ve never been so angry. I didn’t wanna hear that. I wanted to hear I was a GREAT writer. I still think about it.
    Anyway, I got sidetracked. I’m so glad you posted this even though you didn’t feel like, writing is at its loveliest when it’s honest and brutal. This piece is heartfelt and pure all the way trough. Thank you.

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      1. You absolutely must. Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than an artist completely out of their element. This is one of those times, and you have certainly found yourself a new groove.

        Shared on NL on Facebook

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