Haunting brilliance from Olde Punk.

RamJet Poetry


Take everything in the room

just leave my life

it is nothing to you…

Still waiting for the letter

from the council

adjudicate my intentions

submit to your folly

sweat pours into the milk

you have become rather odd

and I think I lost what little love

I had for your sins

Abrasive rant scares the little ones

there you go, crying

for the life you once knew

It all washed away along

with the hopes we tried

to keep afloat

Silence is your enemy

so continue to produce that continuous drone

I was hoping for peace within

thin vein pulsing to keep awake your dying soul

feeling abandoned, bereft

left to rot like roadside suicides

see through the mist that covers your mind

don’t for one second believe it’s easy

sometimes, I get lost in that

bank of emptiness

atone for a while

plot your downfall or my insurrection

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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