Life Of A Stewardess: A Stewardess, I admire

My Thin Sheets

A Stewardess, I admire
Yawning, when you rest for a brief moment inside your compartment
You remember the first plane, the quavering, the tensed airlift, your heart thumping
Into the atmosphere, ten thousand feet above
Holding on a brilliant smile for all passengers regardless
Of how tired you are, how sore your heels are
Your warmth, manifold
Bearing with rude commentary, impatient on board, sigh at the end of the day
Wholly, you administer to retain your figure as per the contract
Rushing between seats, restrooms, meals and the cabin asking to service, serving the laborious pilots
Always on standby for baggage to attend
You endear the view from the cockpit; how beautiful, unworldly, magnificent
Twisting colors of the sun, twilight being the finest
Watching the outline of many countries; you etch them onto your memory
City lights never looked prettier, adorning the surface of the earth

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

One thought on “Life Of A Stewardess: A Stewardess, I admire”

  1. I remember those days and sleeping upright in the terminal when you had a quick turnaround and unable to get to the hotel because there had been so many weather delays. Wouldn’t take back those memories for anything! Good post!


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