Let Old Bones Lie – Nicole Lyons



I never could tell
if it was my body
or my mind
he ached to strip.

He had a weakness
for pretty disasters
and ugly tragedies.
The cut
of his tongue
sliced through both.

Colors exploded
into me, violent
shades of him,
striking my soul.

                                      your quaking
                                      we have many
                                      things to see.

rings hollow now
on the heels
Of those
violent bells.

                                     Let old bones
                                     lie, I will
                                     cut you
                                     fresh roses.

Draw the cold
from my bones
and break me,
again. He was
the sweetest
regret I ever had
to swallow.

[Nicole Lyons writes for The Lithium Chronicles]


27 thoughts on “Let Old Bones Lie – Nicole Lyons

  1. This has such a vivid, piercing beauty to it. Quite visceral, really. It evokes intense feelings of doubt, contempt, fear, surrender, love, and lament. Precisely as you seem to have lived it. My heart is with you. It’s a beautiful thing how you have been able to take your pain and transmute it into poetic impetus to then provide support and validation to others suffering similar circumstances. I respect and admire what you do and who you are.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you for such a thoughtful comment, Max. I often feel these same when I read your work, there is something about your voice that transcends the heavily guarded walls of my emotions, and that is an extraordinary feat. Thank you again.


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