Telling off my Therapist (and being wrong)

Making my year end list of things I am grateful for, the three on my list: Georgia Park! Thank you. This is wonderful.

A collective of fictional poetry by anonymous contributors

“Wait a minute, you never told me that story,
I didn’t know that about you.”
“Which one?” I ask cautiously,
spitting a mile a minute
and losing track of everything.

“The one where you ran away
to Puerto Rico to get married
when you were sixteen.”
“Oh,” I say. “Yeah, there’s
a reason I didn’t. So anyways,
like I was saying, last year,
on the train to Gijon,
thats when it hit me,”

“…wait..just a minute
let’s go back..
to where you said-”

“No, I don’t want to.
Let’s just keep moving.”

“I’m not sure you understand
how this works-”

“I understand I have a week to get better
and then it’s back to work.”

“Listen, Ms. Park.
You don’t get to speed this up,”

“Fine, fuck you-I’ll just write a book.
and that chapter will not be in it,
thanks very much.”

“Ok, Ms. Park, just calm down.”


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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Literary Collective

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