The Stamen’s Eye – Dyllan Johston


The Stamen’s Eye – Dyllan Johnston (The Wires, Like Roots)

I gutted the snake,
Only to find him a spineless one,
The oxen will break,
From the whip of your tired lungs,
The treasure you take,
Will become ash upon your forked tongue,

Delve deep into me,
And see what you have become,

This disconnection,
Has never been pleasant,
Streets filled with people,
But distantly vexing,
The vacancy of earth
The contradiction in terms,
The chronic mirage,
That theirs a point as it turns… and burns.

If I’m alive,
Does it have a meaning?,
If I should die,
Wouldn’t it mean the same thing?,
Walking the earth,
For no other reason,
Changing the tune,
Only for my own pleasing

I hate the brain that I possess,
It eats up colors and chews up words,
My smile is mired by poisoned breath,
I cannot stand its stench,

Id ask you to help,
But you would be devoured,
So many have tried,
Blamed me,
Then flowered,

I blossomed but once,
But my thorns pierced the stamen’s eye,
Never to grow,
But to rot,
Fain and die
In ashes I’m sown,
Among all the seeing eyes,
The trap was to cold,
Couldn’t hold up its word this time.

[Dyllan Johnston writes for The Wires, Like Roots.]

Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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