Transitional Assistance

Must read from Georgia Park!

I am a poet! I am. I am. I am a poet, I reaffirmed, ashamed.


As soon as I touch my foot
it unravels
out of my boot,
I need to take
better care of myself
I should really stop
eating taco bell.
i should really stop
not eating at all.

Have you ever been
so poor
you had sleep for dinner?
that’s where I’m writing from.

so i skulk back in line
at transitional assistance
where the welfare men
stare at me unduly
probably wondering whether
id get an abortion or not
if it came down to it
and how i would afford it
because they can’t
(answer: I’ll do anything
to feel ok again
survival is my main goal

my belly is full
of free cake
from the bakery
my teeth are rotting
and i feel sick
they call my number
and i say “Please,
someone help me to
get through this.”

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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