Miscarriage – Malicia Frost


By Malicia Frost

It’s all so much easier now
As blood is flowing down my thighs, I lean back on the hospital bed
The memory of you forcing your way inside me
Fading with the pain
I don’t care, I want everything out of me,
the twitching
the turning
the hope of a new life
bleeds out on the floor
I thought I could make something beautiful
out of my shame
tame my monster
into something people could look at
and appreciate
And I would forget
that I never wanted you in the first place
But it’s easier
being empty
filled with nothing
To give up half way there
Rather than experience the horror of birth
The possibility of you tearing me apart
From the inside
“Stay dead”, I whisper at the sweet nothing
deformed little fetus lying limp on the floor
between my feet
before I wipe away the blood
and exit trough the emergency door

[Malicia Frost is a hobbyist writer and a new author of Sudden Denouement. She has a passion for the dark and obscure and likes to deal with mental illness trough various art forms. Her works can be found at her website Malicia’s Malebolge.]

31 thoughts on “Miscarriage – Malicia Frost

    • Thank you for the kind words, I’m very glad people can relate and yes, creative processes can be devastating as well as rewarding. Thank you again, pleasure is all mine.

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      • In a certain way, being able to connect to and support others who suffer similar circumstances as ourselves makes it all worth it. I appreciate everything that you go through in order to create that which you share with the world. And I particularly appreciate the courage it takes to do so. Thank you.

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      • Absolutely agree and yes. I would go trough it all again just to come up with something like this. Sometimes the result is worth the anguish it took to reach it. I’m honestly surprised people view my writing as “courageous”. Connecting with you people who battle the same demons as I is truly a blessing.


    • I’m very glad you think so. This poem is indeed about failure. It’s very personal and written when I had my last breakdown. I’m flattered so many people like it.

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  1. I have read and reread this piece at least a dozen times and it wrenches me a little bit more with each read.
    “Stay dead”, I whisper at the sweet nothing – possibly my favourite line, ever. This is exquisite and I am so pleased it’s featured here on SD.

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    • Thank you so much, it’s my first contribution as a member of this collective and I’m so glad for the warm welcome I received for this little spontaneous piece. I never imagined people would like it that much.

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