Through the Looking Glass – Hannah Munroe

I fell down the rabbit hole again today

and landed on a patch of tooth picks

I looked around for a kind face and there you were in the shadows

A father is the only man a girl can trust

but you changed your shape on me

there was your hand not lifting me up but pushing the picks in further

blue fabric torn to shreds

I didn’t even feel any pain, not in this upside down world

and I popped out on the other side

I told my tale of woe to all that I could find of the wonders and the horrors I had seen

Of the words whispered to me by the  cat and the future I’d been told

but no one would listen

No one believed

No one ever believes

Not until they see with their own eyes

Why couldn’t you believe in me?

I sat in my garden surrounded by disbelieving eyes

Until my cat appeared crawled up next to me

With a third eye that looked like a bullet wound to the head and said with a grin,

“Still don’t believe?”.

“Hannah lives in Salem, Massachusetts. She is a writer, performer, dreamer, and lover of all things Stevie Nicks. She writes to heal, she writes to breathe, she writes to awaken. Hannah tries to do six impossible things before breakfast. She thinks there is a little witch in all of us.”

Hannah Munroe

Author: The Hero's Inferno

There is a thing to which Carl Jung once gave the name, the collective unconscious. Not a place and not a tangible thing but rather something laying dormant inside every person and creature of the world. It is made up of universal symbols which awaken something within us. Touch our souls before we even understand why. Epic myths that seem so far away from you and me and yet we understand them so clearly. This is what I wish to explore and unhinge in my writing, something so much bigger than me. Something I can grab for but never see. A tall order. But then I always liked to think I could do at least six impossible things before breakfast. Icon photo: "Briar Bennett" by Maggie Parone

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