By Oldepunk



See there is this yearning

and I am learning

It’s all this painful turning

stations taking notations of rotations

always, always, moving

and it is making me ill

moon moving, earth moving

sun moving, galaxy moving

everything always

moving moving MOVING

for one second

I WISH i could stand STILL

a chance to catch up

with my breath

grab hold of the life that fled

the moment, I realized

I wasn’t dead

But the motion and momentum

buried me in concrete

before i could admit defeat

and I struggle with the velocity

violently pushing its god damn


at ME

I need a moment to consider

my position i have to reconfigure

my life stole my soul and ran

at 17000 miles per hour

left before I began

to know

just what to do

in all this commotion

without you

and it’s all this turning

constant motion churning

it has made me so very ill

I just needed one moment

a moment to stand STILL


Author: oldepunk

Writing about my views of the world in a stream of conscience style

16 thoughts on “Turning”

  1. you’ve really captured the spinning reeling feeling, and I so wanted stillness. distilledness, but you’re right it is endless and the death is the final stillness. but can we find peace before the grave? surely there is some balance point in there somewhere…

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  2. This made me dizzy, in a good way – if the world would just stop for a second, if everyone would stop yelling and trying to persuade and convince and manipulate… I might actually figure out where on Earth I am

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