Dropping Leaves of Dreams – Nicole Lyons


Dropping Leaves of Dreams – Nicole Lyons (The Lithium Chronicles)

A family tree stands,
a great willow.
Rippled branches stretching thick,
reaching the grandest heights
to obscure the sun
and steal the light.

A family tree boasts,
a great willow.
Shooting suckers along hills,
claiming dominance
over pretty paths
long ago deserted.

A family tree sways,
a great willow.
Shooing the crows that perch,
and shading
the birches that dare
grow too close.

A family tree weeps,
a great willow.
Dropping leaves, of dreams
and unhappy children
who would swing
from its branches.

[Nicole Lyons is creator of The Lithium Chronicles, as well as being an editor and writer for Sudden Denouement. Nicole is a brilliant writer, a tireless advocate for mental health, and one of the most sincere, kind people I have ever met. As always, we are honored by her presence.]

17 thoughts on “Dropping Leaves of Dreams – Nicole Lyons

  1. “Dropping leaves, of dreams
    and unhappy children”
    I was stunned several days ago when Nicole shared this with me. I felt each line. Nicole has that ability. And for those who don’t know Nicole, I would like to say she is good of a person as she is a poet, which says a lot. She has had a tremendous impact on SD and on me personally. Thank God for Nicole Lyons! Please take time and read her wonderful body of work at The Lithium Chronicles.

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