Contest Finalist 4: Princess Warrior and the Wolf  – Karl Jock Linder

Princess Warrior and the Wolf

by Karl Jock Linder (KarlitoJockhart)

Akimbo under moonlight

in the snow amid the trees

stands the Princess Warrior; 

shield abandoned; 

her sword sheathed.


The Wolf, 

he’s in declining orbit; circling her; 

three times her weight.

But only when it pleases her 

do her eyes track his gait.

The snow shows

his steps, only, 

for a forest thousand miles.

No outside help is coming;

though the Wolf is near, 

she smiles.


Her feet spread wide; 

mouth soft; 

her hands rest gently on her hips.

I notice a

sweet melody

seems to come  

from her lips.


And though his ear

keens for her humming,

and though he clearly scents her flesh – 

her bright sharp blade

is poisoned,

gives him pause

and halting dread.


More dreadful, though,

the empty Dark

urges him 

closer still.

The hunger goes

a thousand miles; 

before him stands a kill.


So closer in he pushes,

and so more still she stands.

His dance to her is choreographed, 

and not at his command.


His muzzle reaches,


on her heart without a twitch. 

Eternal Vast about them flexes – 

then it grows another inch.


Courage flows from her breast

to the darkness of the glade,

which she would feel as empty

if not for 

this deadly mate.


And now she points, and he retreats,

to start the game again;

with her standing 

and him circling,

as they have since time began.


For fear of not and loneliness

they summon up each other;

touch like a husband and a wife

who are 

a sister and a brother.


Almost dying, almost eating;

shedding life unto the land;

shining light from out the heart of

every woman, every man.


In everything,

and everywhere,

their force is all I feel.

And if I pray for more or less

it is to both I kneel.


Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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