Just Deserts – Nicole Lyons

Just Deserts – Nicole Lyons (The Lithium Chronicles)

If only you would vanish
and stay
hidden away in some desolate place,
buried and long forgotten,
I wouldn’t feel this need
to escape
my own mind
and the memories that lurk within.
They enthrall me
in the sickest way,
these thoughts upon memories
born out of the torment
you fed me.
And sometimes the taste of them,
the regret,
surges back into my mouth,
thick like honey,
to stick to my tongue.
And I would be lying
if I told you
that I didn’t think
about going back
for a second helping

[Nicole Lyons writes for The Lithium Chronicles, as well as being a contributor editor and writer for Sudden Denouement. Her poetry is smart, emotional, and an inspiration to many. She is a friend, a collaborator, and a caring human being who is very giving of herself and her time. I am honored to have begun to get know her and present her work on this forum. Thank you Nicole for everything you do. Jasper Kerkau]

Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

22 thoughts on “Just Deserts – Nicole Lyons”

  1. one of my favorite pieces on this site… delectable poison. and who is to say that you are not blessed, if the tastes of your regrets are like honey…? spectacular prose, enjoyed the third helping just as much as the first.

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  2. Thank you for publishing this piece, it is the result of taking 11 daily word prompts and using them all in one piece. I am happy with what came out, and a huge thank you to my special group of talented writers for the awesome daily word prompts.

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