Tomorrow is Last Day of Contest / Tom Slatin


[Pictured Elis Regina]

Tomorrow is Last Day of Contest / Tom Slatin

Tomorrow is the last day of the contest. I am looking forward to sending the judges your work. We have received an enormous amount of good work, and it is going to be hard to determine a winner. 1st place is 100 dollars. 2nd is 50 dollars. 3rd is 25 dollars. We will publish the finalists. We do not retain rights to any of the works.

I would like to say that the most rewarding part of this process is talking to other writers, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. I wanted to take a second and say a big thank you to Tom Slatin. He has a wonderful website with photography and writing. When I first started, he gave me invaluable advice about the process and sent me several stickers. I wanted to take a second to say thank you to him for taking his time to reach out to someone who was just starting. I have tried to pass that along and will continue to do so. Please take a moment to look at Tom’s wonderful work:


Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

One thought on “Tomorrow is Last Day of Contest / Tom Slatin”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful and completely unexpected mention! I thought it would only be fair to mention that the stickers you mentioned were manufactured (rather inexpensively) by if you wanted to check them out. If anyone wants some of my stickers, they should let me know directly

    Thanks for everything you do. This is one of my all-time favorite blogs!



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