Divergent Literature Contest UPDATE


There are only three days left in the Sudden Denouement Divergent Literature Contest. December 1st the submissions will be judged by panel of contributors from Sudden Denouement.  We will start posting finalist shortly thereafter. The finalists will be notified in advanced.

Panel Includes:

We have received many, many wonderful submissions. It has been a gift to be able to talk to so many of you. It has been the most rewarding part of the process. I look forward to speak more of you in the near future.

We are pleased to announce that we will be posting several new writers this week. Tomorrow we are posting a work by Stephanie Barrett-Henry. She is someone we have been aware of for some time, and, to say the least, it is an honor to be able to publish her work. We will be publishing a work by Mai Winters, Multitudes, who possesses amazing talent.  In addition to Mai, we are going to be featuring a poem by Max Meunier.

That would normally be enough, but we will also be presenting a new work by the incomparable Nicole Lyons of The Lithium Chronicles. She is a tremendously talented writer, contributing editor/writer for Sudden Denouement, and one of our favorite people.

Lastly, Miss Georgia Park is starting a feminist collective called Whisper to the Roar.  She is currently looking for contributors/collaborators. Submit your poetry to Georgia at whispertotheroar@gmail.com.

Jasper Kerkau


Author: Sudden Denouement

A Literary Collective

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