bow Wow – Georgia Park


bow Wow Georgia Park (Private Bad Thoughts & Whisper and the Roar)

I want the TSA

to smash my dog’s

little safety box into bits

instead of just the disposable lock

made especially for smashing

after the thirteen hours she spent in it

in cargo far from my place in the cabin

and then after landing

 I hear her cries,  desperate

but I’m not be able to touch her

until we clear customs


I free her in Chicago

and dump her into the car

 someone brings for us

painstakingly prearranged

I don’t count on the headache

the pressure the dog fur

out of reach


someone brings the car for us

to drive back in my homeland

after three years locked out of it

the chatter on the radio sounds foreign

American accented English

-it’s hard to listen-


Driving in America is different.

I bow to every driver who passes

like a good Korean

and then I start nodding…

it’s the 24 hour difference

I just can’t manage

my dog is alive

and I am so 

bone tired….

[Georgia writes for Sudden Denouement, Private Bad Thoughts and is the creator of Whisper and the Roar: A Feminist Literary Collective.]


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