Looking for Crazy – Introducing N.R. Shepherd



Looking for Crazy – N.R. Shepherd

They write about madness, as if it’s some
moonlit romance. A gentleman in the corner,
sitting crosslegged, in a suit, with slickback
hair, and a glass of scotch; Gomez, if you will.
Please, raw lunacy skips down the sidewalk
in broad-day, wielding a lasso of ideas,
ready to tie down anyone that will listen.
Madness doesn’t chat, it rambles, on and on,
metaphorically, in a kaleidoscope of emotions,
expecting you to keep up. It’s a cataclysmic
disaster, in daily functions such as deciding
which spaghetti sauce to buy. You watch your
entire life incinerate, right before your eyes.
You’ll lay down in the ashes, and masturbate
with thoughts that you can’t discuss; using
your own tears as a lubricant. It’s sketchy hygiene
and sleep deprivation. Obsessive nature scares
people away, and you’re blessed with a 6th sense,
that others would call paranoia; bullshit, they just
want us to think that, and then attempt to dull your
gift, with man-made chemicals, because they
don’t want us to figure out their plan…and believe us,
there is a plan. Our point is, they view “crazy” as
some classy attraction; they are dead wrong.
Be careful where you look for it, you might find it,
and we are definitely, no Hollywood makeover.
Now, let us say this in closing; May God bless the families,
should we fall in love, with one of our own.


[N.R. Shepherd is a contributor to The Lithium Chronicles. This is his first piece written for Sudden Denouement, and we are pleased to have him collaborating with us.]

Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

9 thoughts on “Looking for Crazy – Introducing N.R. Shepherd”

  1. stellar piece! but who are we as a culture, except one that glorifies the most dreadful aspects of humanity…? too often, hopeless romantics have no idea of its seedy underbelly. may they never taste the acidic burn of insanity!


  2. Gomez, if you will….then shit got real! I love this and totally agree. Stop romanticizing insanity, media. Look at the difference between Girl, interrupted the book, then the movie. Anyways, great piece! gritty and real, to the point, loved it ❤


    1. Reminds me of Ginsburg’s Howl!! I am with you in Rockland…and he knew what he was talking about, his mother was mostly in mental hospitals. but i digress..


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