A Literary Collective: New Writers

A Literary Collective: New Writers

Sudden Denouement was a vision shared by several artists for creating a space in which to experiment with different forms of articulation. Today, we have recently received our 500th follower, and we are branching into other areas of social media (please follow us on Twitter @SuddenDenoueme1). Though we have just begun, we feel confident that we will continue to grow and connect with exciting writers. Often, for those with passions like ours, the struggle is a solitary one.

I am pleased to announce that we have picked up two new collaborators. One of my favorite WordPress writers has been Olde Punk from RamJet Poetry. He accepted our invitation to join us, contributing on a part-time basis—or as much as he wants, while continuing his wonderful work with RamJet Poetry.

We also are very pleased that we will be publishing an original work from Nicole Lyons, who is the creator of The Lithium Chronicles, as wells as a contributor to other websites. She is an keenly inspired writer, who, like Olde Punk, fills a great void for Sudden Denouement in relation to poetry. We are humbled by her contribution and her willingness to share her work with us. She is a poet of the highest order. We are hopeful that our partnership will be long-lasting.

We extend the invitation for any and all to join us in our endeavor.

Jasper Kerkau




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